The beautiful dolls of Julia are celebrating the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. Numéro 15

Julia-Josépha-Patricia Sanchez

"The LORD defends the rights of orphans and widows. The LORD cares for foreigners and gives them food and clothing". "You have to love the foreigner, because you were foreigners in the land of Egypt". Deuteronomy 10 : 18 - 19 HISTORY OF THE FRENCH AND INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY "CROIRE - SAVOIR - VOULOIR" " Julia's Beautiful Dolls - Holy Paris " represents the Universal name of a new linguistic and pedagogic method, to teach English, French and Spanish, to the children of the Kindergarten and Elementary school. The Collection of Multimedia Books, notebooks of writing, cultural and educational articles are to develop an education of PEACE, to teach the catholic faith with the Catholic History of Art and testimony of Julia. The Collection " JULIA'S BEAUTIFUL'S DOLLS- HOLY PARIS " is an INVENTION created by the Writer and Translator Julia-Josefa-Patricia SANCHEZ Widow of RUIZ, after nine years of "SCIENCES RESEARCES", since the creation of the company, in 2008, in Paris. Julia created this Linguistic Method in French and she make the translation to English and Spanish. The Pedagogical Method of this Collection is to develop the Peace in the World, to make a transfer of the Catholic Faith, to teach the different Cultures, the Moral Universal values, the Interreligious Cooperation and the Harmony between the United Nations. This Collection has been realized religiously, intellectually and manually for Mrs. Julia-Josefa-Patricia SANCHEZ ARELLANO Widow of RUIZ. Julia makes this Collection of Beautiful Dolls, since 1986, the year that she arrived to Paris, to study the French Civilization in the University "La Sorbonne". To have a Collection of Dolls from many countries of the world, was a dream that she has since she was a little girl of 5 years old. Mrs. Julia SANCHEZ works in Research since nine years ago, to develop, to create her Publishing International Company in Paris, she has never received a Subvention of the French Government, not either of the European Commission, or of the Mayor of Paris. In the year 2010, Mrs. Julia Sanchez appeared to the prize " The Don of Science " organized by the Department of the National Education, of the Higher Education and Researches of France and for not communication, she didn't obtain the Prize. In November, 2013, Mrs. Julia Sanchez has deposited the name of her trademark and in November, 2014, she deposited the Patent of her invention to the National Institute of Industrial Property in order to distinguish her invention from other inventions.

Par Julia-Josépha-Patricia Sanchez
Chez Les Belles poupées de Julia

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