Where to study in the UK. A guide to British schools and universities for parents abroad

Mentor Isc

This book is for parents living outside of the UK who are considering a UK education for their children. As English has come to be the language of the global economy and as UK schools are accepted to be amongst the best in the world, a British education is widely regarded as an invaluable asset. Consequently, competition for places in both schools and colleges is extremely competitive. Where to Study in the UK provides a clear and accessible description of the UK education and exam system and gives authoritative advice on how to choose the right school or college and how to secure a place for your child. The book, which also includes a series of illustrated profiles of over 50 of the UK's top educational establishments, has been complied by educational consultants Mentor ISC, with contributions from both expert educationalists and practitioners in preparatory, secondary and higher education.

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