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Street Art. Casablanca's new urban energy

Ed Oner, Kristi Jones

For some years, street artworks have appeared across the walls of Casablanca. From the city's downtown to its outskirts, young people are expressing themselves and reinventing the face of their hometown. This book aims to recognise the work of these artists as well as the urban heritage of the city of Casablanca. This work retraces the development of street art in the city, its history, its artists, and its events. Separated into 16 sections illustrated by photos of wall murals, and accompanied by brief, dynamic texts. The latest work in the Vivacité collection, STREET ART, Casablanca's New Urban Energy follows in the footsteps of STREET FOOD IN MOROCCO, Authentic Flavour, Cafés du Maroc, Miroirs des cultures urbaines, and the upcoming HOMEFOOD, The Art of Moroccan Hospitality in Morocco.

Par Ed Oner, Kristi Jones
Chez Langages du sud

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